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“Customers not contracts”

At Mode Security Group, it is our mission to become one of the leading providers of security solutions, whilst ensuring that we maintain our personal approach and at the same time develop working relationships with our colleagues and customers.
We will continually strive to exceed the expectations and challenge all our business process to ensure we remain at the for front of our industry.

Critical Success Factors:
To achieve our mission statement we must be able to

  • Satisfy Clients.

  • Motivate Staff .

  • Have Continuous Improvement.

  • Have Effective Leadership.

  • Have Effective Quality Assurance and the Management of Policies and Procedures.

  • Have Sound Health and Safety Principles.

  • Have Sound Environmental Policies.

  • Have Sound Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Have Effective Financial Management.

  • Maintain Profitable Contracts.

  • Have the Ability to Achieve and Maintain Industry Accreditation.

Managers will ensure that staff have the knowledge and skills to work effectively and competently at keeping people and property safe and secure.

• Honesty – An open and honest approach with customers and staff alike

• Transparency – In all aspects of our business

• Innovative – Constantly looking to provide added value.


If you require a service get in touch. our team are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. We take great pride in using our expertise for you and look forward to hearing from you.